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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dan,

The volume on mine is rather low but if my shop is quiet I can hear it from twenty feet - if i pay attention. I plug in the "computer speaker" too but if I am going to be near the radio it is loud enough. Do you use your radio with headphones? The simoler radios are best with cans.

I think my voltages are closer to what the paper says but those are never dead on. I found a bad capacitor that goes with the "bandswitch" on mine. Did you measure the resistors? I have a lot harder time with the paint used in the color bands and so I use an ohm meter on every one of them. It was much clearer 60 years ago when the parts and the stripes were bigger and there weren't fifty different shades for each color and some colors overlapping others. A navy "blue" stripe .030" wide looks just like a "black" stripe - even under the magnifier.

You may discover an out of spec resistor or more likely a resistor in the wrong position. They didn't define "oops" for that one mistake I made once upon a time <evil grin>.


Bill KU8H

On 08/27/2017 12:40 PM, [4sqrp] wrote:

Ok, after playing with it a bit more I have another question. The
receiver is definitely working, but the volume in the speaker seems very
very low. In fact it is so low that in a quite room, my son and I had
to plug in a amplified external speaker to the headphone jack to hear it
well. Is that normal? Also, I noticed that while the Q1 collector
voltage looks much better now, the Q3 collector voltage is still only
about 5.5 volts instead of the noted 8-9 volts. Just wondering if
anyone could provide any further assistance on that. Or perhaps the low
volume level and lower voltage is normal.


---In, <dv1900@...> wrote :

Thanks Mike. I appreciate it. It turns out, we got it working just
now. I reheated a couple solder joints at the transistor, and at the
toroid. Radio sounds great now.

Dan (KF5CSO)

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