new Bayou Jumper kit builder

Rod Hayes



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Please advise kits to complete a full 40M station.


I have purchased the following items:

Bayou Jumper 40M kit  Rev a  green board

Soup’er Up’er

Ezykeyer III from Morse Express   ( I live in Denver .)



LnR PAR  EF-40


Hakko 888 D

Hakko CHP cutter


Kester 245 no clean solder


60/40 solder

Power will be Hardened Power Systems

                QRP Ranger 100WH   LiFePO4  battery power unit


Please recommend additional kits and especially kit building sequence.


30 years ago I built several Heathkits including a Tuner amp which worked 100% at the first power up.


I would also appreciate a recommendation on a Windows 10 Koch method Morsecode training program.


Respectfully submitted,

Rod Hayes


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