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Bill Cromwell


Determined busybodies can hack *anything* - even your home. Don't bother to put your financials on facebook. I have a facebook account and I look at what my family - siblings, cousins, children, grandchildren, great gandchildren, etc are doing. Until recently (when I learned to hog tie facebook) I looked at it once every month or two. Now it is more like weekly (some say weakly). I still call it "in your face book".

We probably don't need yet another facebook forum. The email is more convenient to use and more reliable. I still use the phone and snail mail for that matter and they are still as good as they ever were. Yes..those can be and are hacked too. The whole world is made of dirt and you are going to get some on you every day. Brush it off and keep on going.


Bill KU8H

On 09/10/2017 10:59 PM, Charles Powell [4sqrp] wrote:

How many 4SQRP folks stalk, waste time, or otherwise whittle away hours
on Facebook? I was just thinking that perhaps we could gain some
membership and increase participation if we had a presence on the (now
fairly) universal magnet for Millennials, grandparents, and cat video
lovers. Oh yes, there are a few radio forums as well.



Chas - NK8O

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