Re: BRUTUS BASH follow up

Charles W. Powell

For the most part, I had a nice quiet time on the camp grounds.  I was the only one there for the three nights I stayed.  Nonetheless Paul, you missed a great weekend.  Perfect weather, GREAT ribs, and some fun on the air despite the band conditions.  I was going to cook some breakfast - bacon and eggs - but no one else was there to enjoy it.

I’ll be sure to put it on my calendar for next year.


Chas - NK8O

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Hello Johnny,

I was at one of the early ones and had a ball. I did not consider going this year to Brutus as the "karma" is not good. A crashed camper,  a flooded trip,  a blown truck engine and a MANY mile detour last year! This year  I did not leave town.

I sat and saw all the posts of dead bands from the solar activities. Glad U had a good one. Maybe next year de Paul N0NBD

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Gm group
I was told that Tom Sevart N2UHC, and 
Paul Smith N0NBD were in the original line up as well.
Looking forward to trying again next year.

Johnny AC0BQ 
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