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I use Facebook religiously. I strongly feel that using social media for promotion of a club or group is not only a good way to get the word out, but is also a good way to build the community.  This is because it enables a more instant communication among participants.  

For instance, I run a Facebook Page on Space Weather and Radio Propagation: spacewx.hfradio -- this has been a huge resource for interaction with my readership, and beyond.  It has somewhere between 18,500 and 19,000 subscribers.

I am active in a collection of ham-radio related groups, as well.  See the end of this message for a list (I started most of them, and am the admin for all of them).

I have my own personal ham-radio related page, too. NW7US

I also assist with CQ Amateur Radio Magainze's page, CQMag/

Therefore, I would say that the 4sqrp community would benefit.  I know, I am biased about social media.

The decision is to have a Page, a Group, or both.  Take a look at my examples, above, and, the group examples, below:

Here is my list of groups:

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Tomas Hood (Amateur Radio, NW7US

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How many 4SQRP folks stalk, waste time, or otherwise whittle away hours on Facebook? I was just thinking that perhaps we could gain some membership and increase participation if we had a presence on the (now fairly) universal magnet for Millennials, grandparents, and cat video lovers. Oh yes, there are a few radio forums as well.



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