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Paul Smith

I would add my HERE HERE to Ed's comments. My grandkids almost insisted that I get on facebook quite a while back. I see and enjoy Ed's comments and pictures. I will go sign up right now de Paul N0NBD

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I've wished that our group was represented on Facebook as I visit it several times a day.  My prescience there grew after a class reunion.  It's been terrific seeing classmates from kindergarten thru college post notes about their travels and families. I've found several 4SQRP members on Facebook as well.
I also find many posts on our email reflector would be very worthy of a "like" or other vote of support but I rarely take the time to login to yahoo groups to make a comment or post.  I usually receive my email reflector messages in digest form so many of the "calling CQ on 7.122" messages reach me the next day. 
There is an OzarkCon Facebook page that tends to get some activity just prior to OzarkCon.  I've enjoyed reading and contributing there.
In any instance or forum, I enjoy the comradery of this group a great deal. 
-Ed, WG5F-

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