4sqrp kits

kc5wa <rc.kc5wa@...>

I have purchased and built the folowing 4SQRP Kits in 2012
I had the pleasure of building them. That is as far it will go.
My original plans have changed and now they have turned
into dust catchers. They're to good for that.
They have not been tested just built. you can see them
~ ~ ~
Magic Box <http://kc5wa.net/majic.JPG>at a cost of $45
Stand alone VXO<http://kc5wa.net/vxo.JPG> at a cost of $25
SS-40 Receiver <http://kc5wa.net/ss40.JPG>at a cost of $35
NX-40 Transmitter <http://kc5wa.net/ns40.JPG> at a cost of $30
~ ~ ~
So I'm offering them here at $12 each. Shipping included.
First come first served. Contact via email. PayPay accepted.
Monday they will be placed on the auction site
RC 72

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