QRP2004 Partial Kit For Sale

Dan Reynolds

I have too many projects and right now a Genesis G59 is taking center stage for me. I need to thin the herd as they say.
What I have:
I have the FAR circuit boards.
I have completed the micro-controller board with keypad. All it needed was the proper encoder and I am including that.
I have not started any of the other boards.
I have a LOT of documentation and pictures.
I have all the IC's required except for an LM380N. Note: this includes all the
hard to get ICs.
I have all the transistors except for 2N2905 & 2N3866.
I have all the diodes (including varactors) except for (2) 1N34's, (4) 5V zeners, and the 1N4148's.
I have the slug tuned inductors.
No parts for 6M -- didn't plan to build it for that band.
I have the polyester caps and 1% resistors if you want them.
I have a built up "sub-chassis" if you want that.
I have some relays but they won't fit the LPF/BPF board, if you want them.
All for $75 plus shipping.
Dan Reynolds -- KB9JLO

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