[OT] Arduino Bootcamp

Don Jackson

Some on this list have an interest in learning how to use the various Arduino modules and projects.  If you are at a beginners (or pre-beginners) level, this course might be just the thing for you.  I have not used it, so I'm going by the blurb on the web, but the price is right ($15.00) and there is a 15-day satisfaction guarantee (store credit refund).

Here is the web page for it:

https://deals.sourceforge.net/sales/arduino-bootcamp-learning-through-projects  >

Here's some of the info copied from the description on those web pages:

This hands-on, projects-based approach to learning the Arduino platform is catered to all levels of experience. In the course, you'll build an Arduino car, an Arduino phone, an online weather station, game projects, and much more. Regardless of your experience, you'll quickly learn and become proficient with Arduino, or greatly enhance your understanding of the platform.

  • Access 51 lectures & 9.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Build a remote-controlled car you can drive w/ a smartphone app
  • Create your own cell phone w/ which you can make/receive calls & send/receive messages
  • Understand components like ultrasonic sensors, motor drivers, servos, transistors, & more
  • Gain the confidence to build complex electronics projects
  • Learn how to prototype electronics projects
  • Become a confident maker & prototyper

Unfortunately, it does not specifically say if any parts are included or not, so I presume for the price, it does not.  This would be for the course online on the internet and I would presume you must buy any parts you require for the projects you care to do.

The Arduino is a great beginner's jumping off place for those new to microcontrollers!

Offer on the web page says "ending in 3 days".

Looking through the projects in the Course Outline and the rest of the outline, it appears if you use this course, you'll be well grounded with the Arduino.

I am passing this info along only because it might be useful to some 4sqrp members.  I have no other affiliation with the course nor the vendor.  If you should take this offer up, I'd appreciate feedback though.


Don AE5K

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