Re: What's up in your shack??

Woody Hester

The biggest news in my shack is that my first run Bayou Jumper is finally up and running.  Good old Jim (W0EB) was able to find a problem that had eluded me for months!  In my soldering zeal, I applied too much heat to a connection and separated a pad in the circuit board that was very hard to see.  Jim, wizard that he is, found it pronto.  Thank you Jim!  I have already made a solid Q with it and am delighted to have it sitting in the shack as a working rig instead of a "failed project" giving me the evil eye every time I looked at it.  I've also brushed up on the digital modes and am having a good time with PSK31, JT65 and Feld Hell.  May try FT8 too.  So far, I like PSK and Feld Hell best because you can actually rag chew.  The JT/FT modes are cool for some amazing low power DX but no rag chewing. Best to all, enjoy Fall! 72/73 / Woody / WD9F 

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