Re: Moving and new shack.. bring on winter!


If you can't put up an antenna 
I would recommend Wonder Wand 750 Loop antenna from can be used indoors up to 10 watts. 7-50 Mhz.
John, Vo1jcc.

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I wish you'd have told them that was ridiculous and demanded they substantiate that claim. Anti antenna zealots often say such dumb stuff.

Of course I shouldn't suggest that since 
I wasn't the one who had to deal with their equine fertilizer output.
Might have been interesting to see what there response would have been.
Good luck with the move and your antenna farm. Makes me jealous especially since I'm in a no antenna HOA.
73 John, K3JH 

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I've been off the air since the City of Manchester, NH told me to take
down my 66' doublet because it was a "lightning hazard". Whatever but

Anyway, I bought some land in the Missouri Ozarks about five years ago
and I'm finally, finally, moving there in the next few weeks.
Hopefully no later than Nov. 1st. I have 5 acres of land and will
finally be able to put up whatever I want for an antenna farm.

I have two reversible beverages and a 125' doublet packed and ready to
go. My new shack gear is attached as photos. I've been slowly
collecting everything over the past year. I just recently put a 450
Hz. filter into the IC-703.

For digital modes, I have a 15" 2n1 Laptop/Tablet that draws only 20W.
Everything will be run off of solar power. I currently have a 460 Ah
12V battery bank and 450W of solar panels to start with.

It's going to be a fun and exciting winter no matter how the bands behave!


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