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Hi John

I will be on the SSS with my BJ. I have really enjoyed it. My first ticket was in 1963. I am ok with the SSB power change to 10 watts PEP. My cw speed is way down as my mind does not process things as fast as they use too. My lowest score was 0 and highest score was 3. Who cares, I will be on the SSS. I hope to work you and guys and please don't get mad if I ask you to QRS. I am in it to have fun and not to win it. 

"Vi Minore Plus Gaudium"

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The SSS (Second Sunday Sprint) is especially early in the month this
time.  It's next Sunday, October 8th.  As usual, it runs from 7-9 PM
CDT.  The complete rules are available on the 4SQRP website.  They are
also available on the result reporting site, which is  As a reminder to the  sideband members of the
group, this contest is NOT CW only.  The QRP-ARCI uses 3985. 7285, and
14285 kHz for areas to look for sideband activity.  I suggest we use
those same frequencies for any sideband activity during the SSS.  As I
mentioned before, if you do try sideband, make a note of it in the
comments section of your score report, even if your score is 0 QSOs,
just to give the rest of us a gauge on the activity level.  We'll keep
the maximum power level at 5 Watts this year, but I'm seriously
considering upping that level to 10 Watts (sideband only) for next
year's contest. If you have strong feelings either way about this
potential change, let me know.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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