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Bill Cromwell

Hi Walter,

If you can't get that dipole up nearly 1000 feet the ground losses will cut your signal down to size. All of the other people who have been on the band with the experimental licenses have already been dealing with this. Just go by the eirp (is that the right term). You will radiating QRP levels anyway.

But..maybe we can get by with only 5 watts at the antenna connector on our transmitters. When we start making RF and booting it out into the ether we will find out. It seems a few decades ago ships at sea got a long way with far less than a KW from the TX. Or maybe they were running *expensive* 50 KW gear. I wasn't on one of those ships to see.

When I was in the Navy that stuff was all "off limits". A shipboard fire in there once had me just outside the CIC door in case the 'authorized' men inside lost control. We don't mess around with fires at sea. They had it out in less than a minute. The quickest response to a fire at sea that I witnessed was about five seconds. I was halfway there and reaching for a hose reel when they got it out!

I am about to be QRV on 160 again with quite a bit less than 100 watts (but not just 5). Closer to 50 watts.

Good luck on the new band and...


Bill KU8H

On 10/03/2017 09:07 AM, Walter - K5EST [4sqrp] wrote:

For a few minutes the reading about the new 630 meter Ham band had my
antenna juices going.......until I actually did the old time 468/fMHz
calculation! Yikes......991.5 feets for a dipole at 472KHz. Since I buy
wire by the quarter mile and terra firma is plenty, no problem, right?!?

Five watts on 160 meters is challenging at times, so at 472KHz I am just
wondering if 5 watts can even reach the ends of the dipole LOL A 50 watt
transverter is available and is that the low power level of a new QRP

There may be other transverters, but I did not search.

Don't worry, I have no current interest in the new 2200 meter (136 KHz)
band. That is getting close to Navy submarine freqs and I'm not a bubble

I'm sure more head scratching will follow LOL!!!

73....Walter - K5EST

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