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Bill Cromwell

Thanks Lee,

..for the info. I have vague recall about reports I read or heard from radio ops who were at sea in the early 1900s. They may not have had that much power but still made it a long way - at least at night. I know the Navy and others had much more available later. How many hundreds of pounds of gear in racks? Those old tales also pointed out the nice salt water ground plane.


Bill KU8H

On 10/03/2017 11:48 AM, 'KX4TT' [4sqrp] wrote:

Our Mackay rack (Model 2012 Main Tx IIRC) runs about 800-1000 watts on
MF (425, 454, 468, 480, 500, 512 khz) – two 813s in the finals – into a
fixed doublet running the spine of the ship. Lots of steel and a salt
water ground really help. Range after sundown is a couple of thousand
miles reliably………….the 2017 emergency rig is about 70 watts and is solid

73 de Lee KX4TT, General Radiotelegraph License (ex T2 holder)

RO, SS American Victory, QTH Tampa, FL

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