Ge all.

Just wondering if anyone is planning to be the Wednesday night NCS, and maybe the Thursday morning NCS.  Both Wayne NQ0RP,  and myself enjoyed that experience for many years, now it's time for someone else to carry on.  Both 80 and 40 are good bands for the nets, with each displaying good propagation in the 4SQRP area.

Is an easy and enjoyable service to the club.  We both have used N3FJP logging programs and can supply plenty of help for logging, loading buffers, etc.  Scott's programs are very easy and intuitive to use, so logging and running the net's is also easy and intuitive.

Who will step up to the keyer and take over?  Pse let me know and a telephone call will get you on your way.

I thank you and the club thanks you.

I love this radio stuff.

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