Re: "FM Snake" Project

Sam Neal


The FM snake is a very basic crystal radio using a Light Emitting Diode as the
detector. No audio could be heard if headphones ( high impedance! ) were used
as the mode being detected is FM, where there is no amplitude variation on
it's carrier. Basically, someone " re-discovered " the crystal radio from 1905
or so.

In my Technician classes, I use exactly the same circuit, with a 2 meter
mobile for my RF source. but with wires resonant in the 2 meter band to
demonstrate the pattern of simple 4 element 2 meter Yagis.

Sam Neal N5AF

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I recently came across this article about building an FM broadcast RF
sniffer called an "FM Snake". It's not QRP related, per se, but still an
interesting simple little circuit for playing around with if you live near
an FM broadcast facility.

Tommy, N5DUX

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