Dan Reynolds

i will throw my $0.02 worth in. I do operate QRP SSB and I do make contacts. Probably not as many as someone with more power but I still have fun. I liken it to using light tackle when I fish (which when I fish I do use light tackle!).

As far as SSS goes (I've talked to John, he knows I'm not going to step on his toes) I've tried SSB. I've never heard anyone. And this was before conditions were so bad. So if you call and no one answers and you search and no one answers that's not very much fun. 
It does sound like NOW there are more people interested in SSB. That might make this more doable, IF, conditions are better. And yes 10 watts makes a difference. I emailed the group recently and shared how 10 watts made a difference for me. 
Of course if the conditions are terrible it won't matter how much power you use. Last SSS the conditions were HORRIBLE. 

I generally use the search and pounce method when operating SSB. And I look for DX and special event stations. They try harder. They are not as quick to "pre-judge" your signal. I NEVER and I mean NEVER advertise I'm QRP. Everyone suddenly gets deaf if you do that. A lot of hams trying to compensate for something - will run you down if you say you're QRP SSB. Trust me on this. But amazingly you can make many contacts if you DO NOT say you're QRP. I've not figured out a good way to disguise my radio though... When you tell them you're using a KX3 they sort of know. But I never volunteer that fact. I think this is unfortunate but I just chalk it up as this is how you do it. I had a FT-817 before this and never ran more than 5 watts. I have several 1000 mile per watt SSB certificates from QRP-ARCI. And I truthfully don't consider that a feat at all. Be a good operator, watch the conditions, and QSO's will come. 

If you enjoy CW and you make contacts I think that's great. I just don't enjoy CW that much. But if you do - have at it. Please understand - I love QRP ham radio and I love making QSO's. I just use a mic instead of a key. 
Or another way of putting it - I don't care if you do, if you don't care if I don't. 

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