Sam Neal


I have the MFJ-9040, 9030 and 9017 rigs. Using the 9040 rig with a variable
Voltage power supply, I can lower the output power all the way down from 5
Watts - down into the 100 milli-Watt range with no chirp at all, using an Oak
Hills Research QRPp Watt-meter. I have made numerous QSOs with it in the 100 -
150 mW power level.

I also have a Cub for 30 meters and worked a /MM off the Baja California coast
using a 9 Volt transistor radio battery for a power supply.


Sam Neal N5AF

I have the MFJ-9020 (with keyer and filter), MFJ-9017 and an MFJ Cub.
Richard AG5M


On Tue, 10/17/17, [4sqrp] <> wrote:

Subject: [4sqrp] Old MFJ RIGS
Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 5:39 PM

I know many hams today are building very small
solid state QRP kits. How many here have any of
the older MFJ 90 series QRP rigs? I still
have my first 40 meter MFJ CW radio with the keyer and CW

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