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Greg Troxel

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Is anyone familiar with grid tie solar systems? Noise level generated?
Good ones.. bad ones??
There was an article in QST about mitigating them.

Basically, panels themselves are DC, and quiet. Then there is the
inverter. Decent ones seem to be quiet, some less so. I know someone
with a system that doesn't complain about, just about his neighbor's
variable speed hat pumps :-)

The new things are "optimizers" which are some kind of DC-DC converters
per-panel, to deal with varying illumination. There is also
"micro-inverter" which converts to AC at each panel or so.

big inverters are probably easier to mitigate in terms of a single place
to choke/filter.

My advice is:

stay away from the big national companies that want to just install
and run. I don't remember the names, but have seen some bad things

do not put in a system with micro-inverters or especially optimizers

ask the installer to guarantee lack of interference, and see about
similar systems with the same inverters nearby. Be aware that most
installers will not understand this. But, you can probably get
company/model of inverter they will use and look that up.

73 de n1dam

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