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Jim Sheldon

4 Staters,
As Terry said, myself and most likely N5LXW will have Elecraft equipment there for demonstration.  We're not Elecraft employees, simply volunteering to demo our personal equipment and since we aren't employees, will not be able to take orders if anyone wanted to purchase something.  Sales literature with price lists will be available for handout and anyone wanting to order something can easily do so over the internet with a laptop, tablet or smart phone.  
Equipment currently planned for the demo's will be the QRP KX3, the K3 (can be turned down to 100 milliwatts), the P3 panadapter, the XG3 synthesized signal generator.  Also will have the Pignology "Pigtail" wi-fi remote RS-232 interface between the KX3 and my iPad4 for control and logging.  If N5LXW doesn't get hammered by his employer (he's the IT rep for a very major medical imaging firm) and called away that weekend, he's planning on assisting me with his K3 and P3 as well.  We'll both have portable (PAC-12 or derivative) antennas.  
We both have the newest firmware in the P3 Panadapter/Spectrum Analyzer to allow for use of an external monitor (I'll have one there)  to display the spectrum along with the text from the CW/RTTY/PSK31 decoder in the K3.  I have a wireless keyboard interfaced to my P3 to allow for CW, RTTY and PSK31 transmit from the keyboard without the need for a computer using the optional SVGA interface in the P3.
The KX3 can also send and receive RTTY and PSK31 by using the built in CW keyer.  The radio translates your paddle inputs to either RTTY or PSK31 depending on mode selected and displays the decoded signals on the main LCD or, in the case of the Pignology company's "Pigtail" interface and a smart phone or iPad, CW, RTTY and PSK31 can be sent and received using the iPad's on screen keyboard or an external bluetooth keyboard.  (Both will be demonstrated).  The XG3 synthesized signal generator is factory calibrated to output precision signal levels of 1 microvolt (-107 dBm), 50 microvolts (-73 dBm), -33 dBm and 0 dBm.  There is a preset frequency on each band, 160 through 2 meters programmed into it as it comes from the factory.  There is a free utility program available on Elecraft's website that allows complete programming of the XG3 through an RS-232 interface.  It also has some neat features made available through the firmware programmers ingenuity.  It has 2 on board memories that can be programmed for multiple timed and output level functions.  Memory 1 has the ability to transmit a short message in 45 baud (60WPM) RTTY or if you like, in CW at any speed from 5 to 99 wpm.  Commands to set frequency, power level (within the 4 calibrated levels), number of repeats, etc can be programmed into Mem 1 via the computer interface.  Runs on a 9 volt battery and fits in a shirt pocket.
Make sure you come to OzarkCon 2013 if you'd like some hands-on time with newest additions to the Elecraft line of equipment.  Antennas will be connected and if it's possible to get and radiate a signal from within the room set up for the Vendor / Flea Market exhibits, live, on-the-air demo's will be ongoing.
Jim Sheldon - W0EB
4SQRP #44

> Elecraft will have a presence at OzarkCon this year!
> Jim Sheldon W0EB and another rep will have 2 tables set up with
> lots of equipment.   They won't actually taking orders, but will
> demonstrate some of the equipment, answer questions and hand out
> sales literature. However if you, or the guy standing next to you,
> has a smartphone you can place an order right from the tables via
> the internet.
> Another good reason to come to OzarkCon on April 5 and 6.  Cu there!
> 72 Terry WAØITP

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