From Arnie Coro , CO2KK, a nice finding

Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich

Thanks amigos of 4SQRP

Nice to see you moved to a hopefully better server for the list.

Present project here involves the use of recycled parts from CFL Compact fluorescent light bulbs and electronic ballasts for commercial 40 watts fluorescent lamp fixtures, plus the success achieved with NPN TO220 transistors used by computer and TV CRT sets for driving the cathodes of the picture tubes... They work nicely on 40 and 20 meters when tested and as more and more CRT boxes are going to the chopping az, removing the metal cage at the tail of the picture tube, you will have 3 nice devices for free... So far they work quite well at around the 3 Watts power level, with ones coming from the old 15 inches screen computer monitors....

73 and DX

Arnie Coro


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