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AG1P Ron

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


My oldest granddaughter is asking why we can’t track and talk to Santa Claus on Christmas eve.  Maybe topic of discussion for 2018? 


72 - Ron - AG1P


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Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: [4SQRP] Seasons Greetings


Wishing all of the 4SQRP family a Merry Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year!

It has been, educational and fun helping with the kit sales for Kris and myself.

Take Care and Enjoy your Families,

Kris and Jeff - K9JP


On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 4:22 PM, WA0ITP <wa0itp@...> wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New to all Four Staters everywhere!

I love this radio stuff.
Back to the bench, Winter is too valuable to waste.


Not all of me will die - - - The good I do for others will live on forever.  <><

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