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Dale Putnam

and it is a winner.. with a 9v battery too. Used one in the NA QP on 9v for a section win. 

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Subject: [4SQRP] FS Weber Tribander
GA all,

I'm making room for more rigs and wish to sell my Tribander (80M, 40M, 30M) transceiver.  Four Staters get the first crack at it.  It's a FB rig for all portable ops, or on the bench at home. Being small and lightweight, it is especially suited to SOTA ops.  It has many nice operating features, including the 3 bands as well as a digital display, a menu full of options, built in keyer, and a Power Pole connector.

This one came from Paul Smith, N0NBD, and the enclosure was last opened by Steve Weber when he performed an alignment for Paul.  Pacific Antennas still sells the kit, for more info  Click here for their web page. Cosmetically it's a 9 out of 10, just a few minor very smudges

I have made several QSOs with it and it performs quite well - sensitive and selective receiver, and a solid 4W output power.  Paul made many QSOs with it as well, and only sold it to me to make room for his KX2.

Asking $225 and will guarantee it 100%  If you aren't happy with it after a coupla days, return it in good condx and I'll refund the full price.   Paypal "Send Money" option preferred.  

Thanks for considering.
I love this radio stuff.
Back to the bench, Winter is too valuable to waste.

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