QRP Gear Temptations

gary_w5rej <gary.w5rej@...>

Greetings gang,

The title is not my own doing. It is a subject in new member Mike/AD5A's blog at ad5aradio.blogspot.com. The entire blog is great reading but that particular article struck a chord with me.

I was looking on a shelf in my office and did a quick inventory:
1. An original DSW-20 from SWL.
2. A two band K1 for 40 and 20
3. A Ten Tec Scout turned down to 15 watts to satisfy my QRO urge.
4. An Argonaut V
5. A yet to be built Pig Rig.
6. A yet to be built Fire Fly transceiver for 30m
7. A yet to be built Softrock Ensemble RX II.
8. A yet to be built Softrock RxTx II.
9. A yet to be built Softrock RxTX v6.2 for 20 and 30m.

Like Mike I am wondering just how many QRP rigs to I really need?

And then I see the ads for the KX3 and the Argonaut VI. (drooling)

Does this ever end? (After 45+ years at this I am afraid I know the answer!)


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