Might as well chime in.

John Lonigro

I'm not one to usually send "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas" emails to reflector groups.  I keep telling myself I'm really glad all 1500 (or so) members of 4SQRP don't send holiday greetings to all of us.  So what I'm doing instead is combining this New Year's greeting with a note about the Second Sunday Sprint.  The SSS is still the 2nd Sunday of every month in 2018.  The only changes are sideband power can now be 10 Watts, plus the sideband and CW portions of each band are now considered separate bands.  Note that, since the 1st fell on Monday this month, the SSS won't be until the 14th, the latest in a month the SSS can ever occur.

Also note that there is currently a 1500-way tie for first place in the overall 2018 SSS.  This is the ideal time to get active in the SSS, when nobody has to worry about catching up.  That won't be true in February.

72, Happy New Year, and remember that Cricket contacts count as much as those with larger radios (up to the 5 Watt limit).  Those of you with 80M capability, please search the common Cricket frequencies and help all the cricketeers have success.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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