The Cricket transceiver is Great!

Jeff, K9JP

Happy New Year 4SQRP Group! 

I was able to complete my first 10 Cricket QSO's  last evening.  I would like to say "THANKS" to the 4SQRP Group for reworking the Cricket 80A. 
All of my old and new 80 meter crystals work very well in the Cricket.  I hope next to experiment adding a DDS VFO to my Cricket soon.

I have sent a copy of my log from my page showing the Cricket QSO's in order to Bill, KV6Z.  I hope, all is in order and I will soon receive
my 4SQRP Cricketeer Award and Cricketeer number.

72 and Happy New Year, 

Jeff Peters, K9JP
Traverse City, MI

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