Re: The Cricket transceiver is Great!

Jeff, K9JP

Hello Wayne,

Yes, almost all stations seemed to be a little lower in frequency or tone pitch, if that make sense.
Overall, the Cricket sure works very well and gave me an incentive to get on the air.

Living in the mid-west or Michigan, gives me an advantage operating QRP or QRPp.  I have
always found if the other station is loud, then I have a very good chance of working them.

72, Jeff K9JP

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 3:37 PM, Wayne Steury <waynesteury@...> wrote:

Jeff, great job. I am #004 of the Cricket group. Did you have any problem of stations being hard to copy because they seemed off frequency?

73's Wayne N9EGT

On 1/3/2018 15:29 PM, Jeffrey Peters wrote:

Happy New Year 4SQRP Group! 

I was able to complete my first 10 Cricket QSO's  last evening.  I would like to say "THANKS" to the 4SQRP Group for reworking the Cricket 80A. 
All of my old and new 80 meter crystals work very well in the Cricket.  I hope next to experiment adding a DDS VFO to my Cricket soon.

I have sent a copy of my log from my page showing the Cricket QSO's in order to Bill, KV6Z.  I hope, all is in order and I will soon receive
my 4SQRP Cricketeer Award and Cricketeer number.

72 and Happy New Year, 

Jeff Peters, K9JP
Traverse City, MI


Not all of me will die - - - The good I do will live forever.  <><

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