Another Cricket 80A death and resurrection.


Turned 80A on, no output.  Checked for oscillator, not running.  Replaced Q1 with Q3 and Q3 with BS170 from my stock ( I seem to recall reading that the BS170 was more rugged than the 2n7000 ).  Q1 tested bad on my tester, showed as two resistors.  Q3 had tested as an FET.  80A working fine.  Humidity has been around 25% indoors here, but still wouldn't expect FET to fail in circuit.  So much for my expectations :-o

Others may wish to do what I did.  I replaced Q1 with a three-pin socket, like what had installed for Q3 and X1.  This will avoid messing up the PCB if the 2N7000s continue to bite the dust.

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