Re: The last of single digits for Michigan

Jeff Peters <>

Thank You Bill and Thank You 4SQRP Group.

It is a wonderful honor for me to become Cricketeer #009!  I enjoyed building the Cricket transceiver, and
now operating with it is great fun as well!   I am discovering everyday that many new friends can be made
using low power and just 47 electronic parts, a 9v battery,  wire dipole antenna and a straight key. 

I look forward to more Cricket QSO's soon.

72 de Jeff K9JP  Cricketeer #009

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 8:36 PM, dekle <dekle@...> wrote:
Actually, it's the last of single digit Cricketeer Certificates for anyone.
#009 was scooped up by Jeff - K9JP just now.
But don't worry - there are plenty of numbers left.

Crickets rock !!!


Not all of me will die - - - The good I do for others will live on forever.  <><

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