Re: cricket power


On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 05:32 am, JAMES DAVIDSON wrote:
that bs 170  is it safe ?
I believe the specs are nearly identical, and have personally used 2N7000 and BS170  interchangeably for years.  Just be aware the pinout of the BS170 is reverse of that for the 2N7000.

Just measured power out for my 80A with the BS170 Q2 using a battery measuring 8.8 VDC.  Power into an Elecraft Dummy Load/power meter was 0.6W.  So 1/2W is closer to reality than 1W.  I measured 1W on Colorburst with the 80 using 10VDC supply, imagine the 80A would do the same with higher supply voltage.

FWIW, difference from 1/2 to 1W is about 1 "S" unit, so if 1W makes the trip so will 1/2W.

GL n 72, Curt KB5JO Cricketeer #005

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