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Bill Cromwell

On Tue, 2013-04-16 at 20:51 -0500, Charlie , W5COV wrote:

I am not up to speed on these Raspberry Pi's . I have seen them
mentioned on other groups , plus an article on one hams web page that
was using his as a transmitter . Same ham that wrote the QST January
2013 article about using the foreign TV USB Dongle , as an SDR and an
up converter to also use it on MW , LF , in addition to its original
VHF/UHF configuration I think .

So for a beginner , I am looking for help and guidance in what to
order to get started . I want a good enough unit that I will be able
to use as I advance . On the MCM web page I think I am looking for
something from the "B" group , since the ones I assume that are being
used are the ones with more memory and in my case , I also want one ,
from what I can tell , that already has Linux installed . Linux is
also a pretty weak area of mine also .

So what do you all recommend ? I don't want to go all out right off of
the bat , so I also want to be frugal "read cheap" at first :) I have
far more time than money :)

Charlie , W5COV

Hi Charlie,

I am not up to speed on those PIs either so I went and looked at their
web site. I think you are right about the B model being the one to get.
The prices I saw were $35 for that compared to $25 for the lesser A
model. I think the A would work but $10 for for the better one is a
no-brainer. That $10 difference would be big deal for somebody who needs
a boxcar full of them for a school. Not for us. I plan to play with one.
I have several things in mind to try with it but like you, I don't want
to go whole hog right up front. I'll run mine with a television for a
display. I have been using Linux for decades now so that part is
something I won't have to deal with. I am still using a television as
the display for my Apple II (grin). I intend to use a USB "thumb"
drive..they're cheap AND I already have two or three laying around here
that I use for "sneakernet". Small keyboards and mice/trackballs are
also inexpensive and can use the USB ports.

Finally...something new that's digital AND that I can get excited about!
If my experiments work out I may need several!


Bill KU8H

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