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Bill Cromwell

On Tue, 2013-04-16 at 21:10 -0500, Daniel J. Mullen wrote:

Tonight I was talking to a station down in Texas and sent that I was
running 5 watts. His next exchange was "r r ok Dan did you say 5
watts ?".
Tell me if that wasn't fun!
73 es God Bless KD0SZS

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Once upon a time I fired up an Argonaut on 15 meter SSB and answered a
CQ from Florida (I'm in Michigan). That guy was running a full legal
limit amp turned right up. He gave me a five nine report and some more
information. When I went back and reported my 2 watts to a very low
dipole I heard a loud noise when his dentures fell out and hit the desk,
tripping his VOX! (evil grin). He was astounded.

When the propagation fairies are playing we don't need much power at
all. A fellow in Sweden once told me he worked a Kansas station on 20
meter SSB with 200 milliwatts with 59 reports! He couldn't turn his
drive down any lower.

Ain't it great!?!


Bill KU8H

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