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Hi Walter,


Good idea. I just checked that out. Same on both. By the way I have a good, loud sidetone in the phones when key down so I’m suspecting it is something in the RF section of the receiver. It’s possible, God forbid, that I got some of the small capacitors mixed up. I’ve got a magnifying lamp but it was very hard to read the stamped values on several of those. I tried to check them with my cap meter, but who knows. Need to study the schematic a bit to get the receive flow in my head and then start checking.


It is an elegant little transceiver. I’ve built a number of the 4SQRP kits offered over the years with very good success. The only one I had difficulties with previously was the power meter. I never did get it to work. I loved the NS-40, SS-40 and magic boxes! Fun to build and worked like a charm. Still have them. I added the VXO to the NS-40 but wasn’t too happy with the result. Need to lash them together again and blow out the dust!


Thanks again.









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Hi Martin, just a thought, would you have a couple different ear buds/earphones to try out on the Cricket? Sometimes that makes a difference. All ear phones/buds are not created equal so my experiments have shown.


Glad to have you join in with the Cricket Nation.



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On Jan 9, 2018 8:51 PM, "Martin" <huyettmeh@...> wrote:

I received my cricket in the mail today and finished building it about an hour ago. Nice project!


It puts out what sounds like a clean half watt at about 3.58mhz and hears a signal transmitted on my FT-817nd.


But when I put it on an antenna I don’t hear any noise at all. If I transmit on my 817 into a dummy load nearby, the cricket hears that. Admittedly there are no signals on the band at that frequency but I would expect to hear some general noise – I do in the 817. I’ll keep playing. Maybe its just a bad day for 80 meters!


Comments welcome.


Thanks to 4SQRP for a nice project.











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