Re: Another rig?

Jim Sheldon

Hi Roy,
I have one, it appears to be okay - it was designed as an SSB rig originally and CW was added as an afterthought.  It's a great experimenter platform and I'm working on a mod or two to it already with some limited success.  They sold out of the initial run of kits in 2 days when they hit the market and though you can back order one right now, we don't know how long the time will be between ordering & shipping.  If you do decide to order one, I suggest you spend the extra 10 bucks & have it shipped by DHL Express.  It was under a week to get here from Hyderabad, India (the shipping point) from the time they shipped it until I received it.  I was one of the lucky ones that got in under the sellout wire on the original batch.

I have mine on the air and have made a number of QSO's with it, both on SSB (my least favorite mode) and CW.  There are mistakes in the schematic and documentation concerning CW operation, but I do have a fix for some of them.

Jim - W0EB

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Check at
Does anybody know about this rig? Any good? Want to experiment? 

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