Re: Another rig?

Jim Sheldon

GM Yvon,
Attached is the schematic of the keying adapter I used.  The 2nd and third stages (for the key paddles) did not help enough due to the poor implementation of the paddle keyer.  I suggest using only the first stage of the adapter in the schematic, (disregard everything to the left of C4 on the diagram.).  For 90 percent of the people that have used it, this improved the keying for hand keys and even allowed using a bug.  Use an external keyer either through the adapter or if the external keyer has an FET output keying stage, the adapter should not be needed.  The internal keyer is being worked on but it's going to be a lengthy process and for now the suggestion is to use an external device.

Jim - W0EB

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do you mind sharing your modifications for CW? I have one too and in CW it is not ideal but it is a quite receiver.

Thanks,   73.
Yvon NU6I

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