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Ray Cadmus

The Pi is a neat little computer - unfortunately not enough zip to handle fldigi.  There is an alternative that works.  Check out the linpsk demo on episode 53.  George has tried fldigi and gave up.  linpsk seems to work OK.   An older episode of has George making a nice case for the Pi from a common electrical box.  Then a later episode still he builds a 12v to 5v regulator to power his from the shack power supply.

Do you get the idea that I like AmateurLogic?  Nice shows...

My Pi is loafing along doing lots of nothing right now.  Had it set up as a web server for a while but since I have another that isn't really needed.  I just do a remote login now and then and ask it how it's doing.  Still looking for the killer app to put on it.  Playing with call sign lookup,  Reverse Beacon reads,  logging and such.   Am finding my programming skills a bit rusty so am having to re-learn lots of stuff myself.

Don't be afraid to try it - lots of help available.  Good tutorials on AdaFruit,  RaspberryPiSpy and others.

should you be really desperate,  I'm here to answer whatever I can.


ray    W0PFO


On 04/16/2013 06:35 PM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Well, I did it.  Took the plunge and ordered one of those little Raspberry Pi credit card sized Linux computer boards.  I've wanted a good reason to learn Linux but I didn't want to set up a dual boot partition on my main Windows computer or the laptop so this little board will fill the bill nicely.  It even has HDMI video out and I ordered an HDMI to VGA adapter so I can hook it to a decent extra flat screen monitor I happen to have laying around here.  I've heard that quite a few of the ham radio apps that have been compiled for Linux will run on it, and FLDIGI for certain, so it looks to become a really nice field companion for my Elecraft KX3.  
If anyone on here has one of these, I'd appreciate any help available to get started with it.  I should receive it probably early next week.  These things are so popular that most places can't seem to be able to keep 'em in stock but I lucked out and found that MCM Electronics had some left.  I've dealt with them before and always had good luck with their customer service so I ordered the board from them.  The rest of the stuff I'm getting from who was out of the computers but had the accessories I wanted in stock.  I'll probably order one of the add on "real world" controller/breadboard cards to enable all sorts of neat external device control possibilities.
Jim - W0EB

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