Re: A heads up about a USPS regulation...

John Clements

It's been a regulation for years now.  Not sure about all post offices but at mine above the inside drop off bin (not sure about those blue corner boxes) is a sign that says nothing greater than 13oZ, no priority, and no foreign.  All those have to be counter delivered or picked up by your carrier. Yup - not always convenient.  I always thought new 13oZ rule was so someone couldn't drop a 10lb package in and crush all the others.  I've been trying to figure out what "magic" is in 13oZ (one of those secret society conspiracy things?) and why not limit it to 1lb.

Other restrictions people should be aware of....  When you use a large padded envelope to send a few small parts make sure you pad it so it's relatively flat/smooth but still under 3/4" depth (and still has to bend).  I've had the post office jack up the price from $1.50 to $3.00 because they felt a "bump", or from $3.50 to $14 for a DX package - ouch!. 

Oh yeah - get ready to groan..... Costs are going up on the 28th.  What used to cost $3.00 will be $3.50.

72 John kc9on

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