Back looking for spys...


After having spent last several months hunting for Crickets, noticed KD5LAD advertising on SKCC his new Jumper on 7.080, got mine out of the drawer where it has been for awhile to try contacting him.  No joy, my nearest xtal was 7.112, and he was quite weak.  Surprising, we have no problem connecting on 80 with Crickets.  40 was maybe too long today for TX/LA.

Calling CQ on 7.112 netted a return from K1ND 1050 miles from me.  Next, answered CQ from KD8CVS also about 1050 miles from me.  Still a fun and effective little radio.

I will be monitoring for other agents over the next few weeks while trying to dodge the gestapo.

72, Curt KB5JO (Agent 002)

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