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I mainly operate CW but occasionally do a foray into SSB.  Once I had been working CW at the 500 mW level for a month or so and decided to tune 20M sideband just to see what was happening.  I heard a CQ and answered the station.  "I'm sorry, OM, you're only 5 by 5 here,"  he told me.  I looked at my rig and saw that I never changed the power level.  So I switched the FT-817 back up to 5W and answered back "how's this now?" "Oh, much better, much better, solid 5 X 9."  Then I told him that he originally copied me at 500 mW and he was amazed.

By the way, the station was NU5DE; you can look them up on  I did not ask him what he was wearing.

Mike N5JKY
OK City

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I have had that experience too, where the other station is in a state of disbelief about my 5 watts. Often I get a power report from the other station, and I've been told of anywhere from 300 to 900 watts, and I'm doing just fine with my 5!

It all really comes down to propagation doesn't it? I've worked Australia a couple of times at 5 watts and once I was given a 599 RST, that's over 10,000 miles away, and with a simple wire antenna.


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