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keith ford

People sending fast are ones I won’t answer.  Most have a bad fist and run the characters of their call together.     Many times I’ve heard the same person blazing away and get an answer.  

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My philosophy has always been to call CQ at around 25 wpm (my comfortable sending speed) and if someone answers me at a slower speed I'll return at or very close to that persons speed and unless they tell me it's OK to send faster, I'll stay at their speed.  I think that's one of the items in the Amateur's Code of Conduct as published by the ARRL anyway.

Anybody hears me on the air and needs me to send slower, all ya gotta do is ask me to QRS (if'n ya don't know it, that's the "Q" signal for please send slower - LOL.  Of course, I can go faster too.  I don't have one anymore but I'm on of the original members of the Keyboard CW crowd from back in the late 1960's.  W9TO (of TO Keyer fame) and a number of us used to hang out on 3518 KHz running 55-65 wpm on stand-alone keyboard keyers back in the day.  There were a number of articles in QST, CQ and 73 magazine on how to build them before HAL and Heathkit started offering them for sale.

Jim, W0EB

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Ok Guys, and thanks. It will be fun and there will be some ops running 25-30 wpm in the logbook also.

We just try to accommodate the speed and get ops on the air.


Walter Dufrain - K5EST

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I can as well.  I’ll bring a straight key for those speeds!



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Subject: [4SQRP] Wanted, Radio operator for the Ozarkcon station

The QRP famous radio station (WQ5RP & K0N) at Ozarkcon using a Dummy Load antenna and an outside HF antenna will be on-the-air again this Conference. 

We need a Ham Radio operator or two, that enjoys easy going CW (10 to 18 wpm) to keep the station QSOs going and to make HF contacts with the outside antenna as time allows. You get to visit with the people in the Swap Meet tables and operate a station!

If a Dummy Load antenna is new to you, please look at this link!......

Ozarkcon provides the antennas, however, it is probably best that operators bring their own rigs and power supplies. You know your own equipment best and not everyone's keys and key paddles are spaced just like you like!

Interested in being our Radio Op? Send me an email for more information.


Walter Dufrain - K5EST
Ozarkcon Coordinator
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