Re: Favorite Paddle, Key?

K8MEG <k8meg@...>

My key collection is dwindling. I have given too many away. Straight key favorites JH Bunnell J-38 style and my novice J-38. On my desk is a Bunnel fame proof. Several other keys including a few flame proofs, CT Asia, HK-705, J-5, etc. On my desk is a Blue Racer bug,  My 1950's Vibroplex Original bug and a couple more bugs in storage. My on my desk paddle is the Begali Simplex Basic. I like the K8RA P-6, but profile a little big for my desk. I have a Cedar Rapid Paddle that is unique, but I have never used it, I know I have at least 2 more paddles somewhere.

My least used and not my favorite is the Amplidan 50713. Just too big for my operating position.


Another snow day with falling temps! We've had too many of these already. People forget how to drive in them from
one snow storm to the next. This is Michigan, not Georgia.

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