Re: Favorite Paddle, Key?

Chip Stratton AE5KA

Bought a NOS Chinese army straight key, but hated it. Have a Junkers DBGM and a Navy Flameproof. Like them both very much. For paddles, a Kent single lever, a Morse Express Bushwhacker single lever, and a Elecraft (Bencher) Hex Key. I like the Hex key and use it the most. The Kent is fine too, the Bushwhacker not as good for me.

Portable use, I have a Palm Portable Key (PPK) straight key and a N0SP SSP mini paddle, both of which I like. I mount them interchangeably to a piece of clear acrylic using 3M Dual Lock. The acrylic makes it easier to stabilize the key on my lap when portable, and the Dual Lock provides a fairly rigid mount to the acrylic - more so than Velcro would.


On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Chuck Carpenter <w5usj@...> wrote:
My fixed-station paddle is a March R-3A; portable paddle is a Vibroplex Code Warrior.  Also have a Mini Paddle I often use for testing at the bench.  I've had a couple of Vibroplex bugs and still have a J-38 bought in 1955.

My favorite electronic keyer is the PK-4 from Jackson Harbor.  I've also used several others from JH including the popular NorCal keyer.
Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
EM22cv Rains County, TX

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