Favorite keys, paddles?

Jim Lowman

I finally made it to Dayton about five years ago, and one of the most fun pa=
rts was visiting the key and paddle vendors: Vibroplex, Begali, Jerry (K8RA=
) and N3ZN. I was fortunate to meet Jerry then, because he passed away the f=
ollowing year.

Out of the collection (which, BTW, I didn't intend to start), my favorites a=
re the Begali Sculpture and the N2DAN Mercury paddles. I bought the Mercury=
during vendor night at the Pacificon QRP gathering back about 2000, before t=
he rights were sold to Bencher.

Probably the one disappointment was a GHD 599DX paddle that I bought through=
MTechnologies. No fault of Marshall Em; it just doesn't feel right and is n=
oisy, and I paid quite a bit for it.

72/73 de Jim - AD6CW

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