Re: Cricket Society Stuff

Frank Artieta

I worked no telling how many hours !
Day and all night !
I earned me a cricketeer certificate !
But now it is worthless !
I got another one emailed to me !
Says my band here and a yellow star !
Seems if you win something it ought to be yours !
Not taken back and changed at someones whim !
I know for a fact now
All paper is worthless !
And tnx !

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 4:04 PM dekle <dekle@...> wrote:
OK, I get it.
There was overwhelming demand for band endorsements on the Cricket Society certificates.
I have already reissued the first 10 certificates.
The kit build for this year's OzarkCon is a 30m Cricket.
(There also seems to be a demand for a 40m Cricket.      Dave.......oh Dave........are you listening?) In any case, here is some new information on the Cricket Society including band endorsement info.

(A sample certificate is also attached.)

To qualify for membership in the 4S Cricket Society and receive an e-certificate suitable for framing, complete 10 QSOs using a 4S Cricket transceiver.
The QSOs must be with 10 different stations and the other stations can be using any rig. A Cricket-to-Cricket QSO simply gives 1 QSO to both stations. Send your log in an email  to dekle@... . Or you can send a paper log to:
           Membership Chairman – 4S Cricket Society
           Bill Dekle KV6Z
           9847 E. Canyon Road
           Claremore, OK 74017.
Be sure to include band or frequency information for each QSO in your log so the appropriate endorsement e-sticker can be affixed to your certificate (either a monoband sticker or “mixed band” sticker). Sequential membership numbers will be assigned in the order the logs are received. Multiple endorsements are encouraged and may be applied for at any time. (No QSO used to earn one endorsement may be "reused" to earn a different one.)
Include your Cricket Society Member number with your application if you are already a member. A new certificate will then be sent to you with all earned endorsements.
Your Cricket Society Member number will not change. ******************************************************************************


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