Re: Broadcast band Interference Filter for Cricket 80A

Bryan Nehl


I didn't have the parts available to get to the values that you mentioned.
So, I used parts on hand to end up with 1300pF/1.8uH/820pF/1.8uH/1300pF.
Cricket Pout to dummy load ~1000mW
Cricket Pout to "stock" BCI ~400mW
Cricket Pout with filter spec above ~600mW

Also, looked much better when checking through a signal generator.

I got to ~1300pF by putting a 820pF in parallel with a 470pF.  (Parts from building the stock design.)


Bryan - k0emt

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 6:40 PM, Curt <rhulett1@...> wrote:

QSL.  That results in 1500pf/2.2uH/820pF/2.2uH/1500pF.  Knee 2.5MHz.  I will replace the parts and test again.

Curt KB5JO chirpchirp

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