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Dwayne R <masterdr@...>

Would love to have you all join us on the NRR event. . ..
I am using my Novice rig. . a Eico 720 and a Hammarlund hq-110 for a receiver.
We have had this event now, for 3 or 4 years now.. .I believe this is the 4th

We have a logger. . . .You can help us gain a few points by logging in and
making contact with us. . .

Make 10 contacts, and you are automatically entered into the winning prize of
a Bug. So, give it a try, any rig is fine, but older ones are the most fun.

I have had a couple of contacts using the BJ on 40 meters.

Chirps are allowed (smile). VFO's are allowed.. . .all radios are allowed,
but if you have a home brew 6L6 or 6aq5, or whatever, bring it up to speed,
and chirp with the rest of us. . .

A OO is a specialty. . .If you get one of those, you get extra points (smile)

Dwayne (ka0aam)


On Wed, 3/7/18, Paul Goemans <wa9pwp@...> wrote:

Subject: Re: [4SQRP] 40m Net - NRR
Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 9:33 PM

FYI all,
  “NRR” is Novice Rig Roundup” which runs March
3rd through March
11th. The idea is operate near where the old Novice bands
were, using “novice”
style rigs. Kind of fun to hear those old Heathkits, Drakes,
Johnsons on the
air! A lot of HB transmitters, too.
Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI


From: w2sh@...
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2018 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: [4SQRP] 40m Net

Yes, Bill was
559 here and I
dropped my callsign (albeit with an unnecessary
"de" and "K").  But I never
could hear his reply because, as has been the case for much
of this season, the
40m skip has been very long and there was a very loud (and
calling "CQ NRR" (a net?) right on top of Bill. 
I tuned lower but then a
slightly less loud W7HRC in AZ was calling CQ,  So, long
story short, my
sig didn't evaporate, but long distance QRO QRM spoiled
my reception.
Listened on 80m
at the appointed
time and heard WNØWWY calling CQ at 0237Z I doubted he
might be pulling NCS
duty, but nevertheless dropped my callsign.  No

It was
a happy QRT for we were hit today with 17 inches of wet snow
lasting for seven
hours.  I drove the snowblower for 2 1/2 hours while it was
quitting ony when it became too dark to see.  The deep snow
covering my
ground radials made them much less effective and the antenna
tuner settings for
the inverted L were very different.


(aka Chas),

<> on behalf of dekle
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 9:26
Subject: [4SQRP] 40m
OK, I think I see the problem - the band is long and
the QSB ain't

I started the
net early on 7119 kHz and got a call from Barry -
AB4QL in AL - he was 579 and then he just vanished.
On the 0200Z 
net  on 7122 kHz I got a call from Chas - W2SH in NJ - he
was 449 - easy
copy and then guess what - yep - evaporated.

Well this was kind of a

Try again next


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