Re: Question on Ozark Patrol

Jess Gypin

Ok don’t know if the first message got through.
My Ozark Patrol seems to work fine on the Upper band bit not the lower band. This would seem to indicate that 90 percent of the radio is working right. Low band seems to be deaf, can still hear some things, and even the background hiss going in and out of regen is about half the volume of the upper band. I can hear some cw at the bottom of 80 meters but the station has to be pretty loud. Also, from a cold start the upper band works fine but the lower band does not seem to go into oscillation as easy as the upper. Then it seems after a while, it works better but still doesn’t seem right. The lower half of the band seems more deaf than the upper part when the lower band is selected. Leaky cap? What do you all think? I have 0 experience with regen.

Jess AE0CW

On Mar 12, 2018, at 7:49 AM, Jess Gypin <> wrote:

Where would be the best place to ask a question on the Ozark Patrol? I tried posting to the Ozark group but there seems to be not a lot of activity there.

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