SSS Results

John Lonigro

For a change, I remembered to tally the results in a timely manner! Will wonders never cease?

This month, we had 9 participants, which isn't fantastic, but it's a reasonable showing.  We had two new entries this month:  Randy, AA9BD from Dixon, IL and Mike, AD0YM from Jefferson City, MO.  Based on your membership numbers, it looks like you both are fairly new to the 4SQRP Club as well.  Welcome and I hope you can make Ozarkcon next month.  Regardless, I hope you will be able to frequently participate in the SSS in the future.

Enough chit chat..  The winner for March was Carl, WB0CFF, with 19 QSO points.  Congratulations, Carl!  He must like being at the top of the stack.  He's been there all year so far and is racking up a pretty impressive score.  For the year, Carl has 76 QSO points, followed by Gary, KF7WNS, with 58 points and Bill, KV6Z, with 54. But the year is young.  There's plenty of time to catch up with those three.

Carl should expect to receive his certificate for winning the March contest shortly.  Congratulations to all who participated.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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