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Mike Czuhajewski

Yes, getting well off topic, but can't resist commenting....

We don't need no stinkin' draft lottery! My number was 361, which was almost the best possible number to have if you wanted to not get drafted. (They went up to 366, to account for leap year births.) I enlisted in the Air Force anyhow, retiring in 1991 after Mount Pinatubo blew up in my back yard. (Actually, it was something like 8 or 10 miles away from the back side of the base but still plenty close enough to give us about half a foot of volcanic ash, and the worst of it went in another direction.)

Needless to say, I never told anyone what my draft lottery number was since in those days there were a lot of people who only joined the Air Force to avoid getting drafted and going to Vietnam. There were definitely some attitudes :-) They weren't that thrilled to be in USAF but it did beat the alternative. "Your number was 361 and you enlisted anyhow???" Probably to be followed by some choice 4 letter words :-)

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Never won that one.  I was already 9 years into my 20 year Army career when you got tagged.


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Re:  ...I couldn't have hoped for a better prize, especially since I never win anything better than...

Good to see you got a nice prize, Jim.  The only thing I ever won was the draft lottery back in 1969???



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