Re: nice job guys & gals

keith ford

Happy that evening thing worked out for you guys.  We had a hub bearing on the car go out on the way back home. 

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On Monday, April 9, 2018, 11:11, JAMES DAVIDSON <jijvd74@...> wrote:

we got to Macon  mo. seen we had left our suitcase in Iowa.  then we stopped on highway  73 for rest room   wife took a swan dive sprain ankle  hurt knee  just knew Satan  was messing with us . well stopped at Walmart  got some clothes  and my meds.    ps ladies wondering if that was planed she got new outfits hi hi  !  any how got to the stone castle in one piece  PTL   had a great time .lots of folks behind the scenes we dont see makes this happen  .THANKS EVERYBODY  for a great time  so blessed to be a part of 4sqrp  group.. worked the sss for awhile  got 4 contacts  then i messed up my autolog  . but had a lot of fun .just glad woke up this morning to start a new day HOLYCOW  its snowing . 72&73   Jim&Janet  kc0dd
ps getting old is a loot more fun when you can laugh at things 

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